Strategic Renewal and Annual Reports

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Strategic Renewal Plan 2013

 Action Plan for 2013.pdf  Action Plan for 2013                Achievements for 2013.pdf Achievements for 2013

Annual School Reporting 2013.pdfAnnual School Reporting 2013

Strategic Renewal Plan 2014

 Action Plan for 2014.pdf Action Plan for 2014                 Achievements for 2014.pdfAchievements for 2014

Annual School Reporting 2014.pdfAnnual School Reporting 2014 

Strategic Renewal Plan 2015 

Action Plan for 2015.pdfAction Plan for 2015                   Achievements for 2015.pdfAchievements for 2015.pdf

Annual School Reporting 2015.pdfAnnual School Reporting 2015  

Strategic Renewal Plan 2016

Achievements for 2016.pdf        Action Plan for 2016.pdf

Annual School Reporting 2016.pdfAnnual School Reporting 2016.pdf

Strategic Renewal Plan 2017

Achievements for 2017.pdf         Action Plan for 2017.pdf

Annual School Reporting 2017.pdf

Strategic Renewal Plan 2018

Strategic Renewal Plan 2019

2019 Actions.pdf                            Annual School Reporting_2019.pdf

About Strategic Renewal


A major sign of a healthy and developing school community is its capacity to renew itself. Such renewal involves critical reflection by the community on its essential purpose(s) as it encounters constant change and new challenges, a review and validation of the authenticity of its practice and a commitment to continuous improvement. The document Implementing School Renewal in Catholic Schools (March, 2003) builds on the experience and understandings of more than a decade of implementation of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission’s Self Renewing Catholic Schools Policy (1987) and the Brisbane Catholic Education’s Implementation and Resource Manual (School Renewal) for Systemic Catholic School Communities (1997). In particular, the guidelines and procedures named in this document provide for an explicit engagement by Catholic schools with the Strategic Renewal Framework for Catholic Schooling in the Archdiocese of Brisbane 2012-2016; such engagement ensures that in addressing the priorities of the framework, the defining features for Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Brisbane will be addressed.


QOA-1086 (Custom).jpgThe Catholic school is a “place of integral education of the human person through a clear educational project of which Christ is the foundation.” (CSTTM: 4, 1997)

Contemporary Catholic schools function within a changing and complex educational, ecclesial and social context. Such complexity requires schools to continuously recreate themselves from within-through changes that support continuous review and improvement of the education process at every level so that the provision of high quality inclusive Catholic schooling will be strengthened within their local community.

As a dynamic faith community, operating in constructive partnerships, each Catholic school confirms, through a process of renewal, that it is committed to providing an education with Christ as its foundation.

Diocesan authorities and Governments have a right to seek assurance that their interests in Catholic schools are being well served. First and foremost, however, it is the school community, as a united entity, which has both the primary right and responsibility to account to itself through transparent renewal processes.

The BCE Strategic Renewal Cycle incorporates those school and diocesan processes through which the mission of Catholic education within a local school community is sustained and enhanced; in so doing schools improve their capacity to provide high quality, inclusive Catholic education, state accreditation and diocesan requirements are met and individual performance management is addressed. This cycle of renewal is a journey rather than a response to a blueprint; schools will need to continually adapt while staying true to their purpose and core values.

QCEC Policy on School renewal

All Catholic schools in Queensland will engage in systematic renewal processes that strengthen the capacity of Catholic schools to effectively address their purposes and mission.​