Mothers Day Liturgy.jpg 


What a wonderful celebration we had on Wednesday. We would

like to thank all parents (especially the mums) who attended.

Again, our amazing Year 6 Cultural Committee led the Liturgy


On Sunday we will celebrate Mother's Day to thank God for our

Mums and to tell them how much we love them and for always

showing us their unconditional love.

I ask all our students to make Mother's Day a wonderful time, it

is not just about the gifts we give and the cards we write but our

actions and words, we do each and every day.

Jarvis read a simple poem for Mother's Day at the liturgy that I

have included below.

A Mother's Love

Of all the special joys in life,

The big ones and the small,

A mother's love and tenderness

Is the greatest of them all.

Happy Mother's Day on Sunday