The students from Year 6 have been learning all about starting a small business as part of the Student Entrepreneurship Challenge. Over the last term, the students learnt how to write a business plan, conduct market research, create prototypes and develop budgets and logos with the unit culminating in a Student Entrepreneurship Marketplace. The marketplace was an opportunity for students to tell potential investors about their product, the profit margin and the charity that the proceeds would be going to. The ideas were inspirational and varied in design and need, including ‘stress-ball bookmarks’ to assist those studying for exams and a new version of ‘Yu-gi-oh!’ cards designed for girls as well as boys. Parents of students in Year 6 who have their own businesses offered their assistance as guest speakers and mentors, sharing their own stories of challenge and success.

The Student Entrepreneurship Challenge incorporates Economics and Business, Mathematics, English and The Arts learning areas of the Year 6 curriculum.