Year 2 Leadership Day

​​leadership2.jpgOn Monday 27th  Feb the students from Year 2 took part in an Early Years Campus Leadership Day. The students had a wonderful time working together as they developed their skills in organisation, getting-along, persistence, resilience and confidence.

This was the first time that Year 2 celebrated a Leadership Day as in the past this has been reserved only for Year 6. Queen of Apostles has a unique culture with the two campuses and therefore students have two opportunities to be school leaders. In the past, the Year 6 Leadership Day has been very successful and bringing that opportunity to the leaders of the Early Years Campus proved to be just as successful. The students strengthened their relationship as a cohort and reflected on how good leaders can make a difference by helping those who are younger and those who are new.

The children had a fantastic day and they especially enjoyed the pizza and popper lunch!