Library & Resource Centre

QOA-1155.jpgOur well-equipped libraries have been established for over 20 years with hundreds of books and resources housed on both campuses. Children use the library freely both in formal and informal class groups and as individuals. They can access information through the use of computers and CD ROMs’. Books may be borrowed each morning before school, in lunch breaks and during allocated class times.

The libraries on each campus are open during the lunch break for children to sit quietly and read or talk with friends. There is also a range of activities for children to enjoy during the lunch break. Students work is often displayed in the library. Notification  of these displays are made in the school newsletter.

Each year we celebrate The Children's Book Council of Australia's  Book Week in August. In the lead up to this event the books in the Early Reader and Picture Book categories are shared with the children in their library lessons. We also participate in the Premier's Reading Challenge each year.

To avoid damage to books by food or water, children should keep their books in a separate library bag. A sturdy school library bag can be purchased from the school office at both campuses.

The resources in both libraries are chosen to enrich and support the curriculum taking into account the varied ages, interests, abilities and maturity levels of the students. Scholastic Book Club is offered seven times a year. An order form containing all the books and other educational items is sent home with each child. To avoid money being lost, payment may be made by Direct Debit Online or Cheque made out to Scholastic  and returned with the order form to school. In fourth term a Book Fair is held. We alternate each year the campus on which the Book Fair is held. Book Fair is held in lieu of Book Club for that term.